October 2013

Blog Contributors Wanted

We are looking for authors to contribute to our blog. The purpose of the blog is for authors to share their publishing experiences with their fellow writers. Please find a list of subjects below to get the ball rolling. The list will evolve over time and we value your feedback and suggestions for other writing/publishing related topics.

If you would like to write a blog please contact Lisa by completing the form below and indicating the subject that you would like to write about. All blog submissions will be considered and published depending on their suitability.

Writers love to read!

It's a fact that we're often voracious in our appetite for words and we'll read anything we can get our hands on.

But when it comes to our writing, one of the best lessons I was ever taught was to read what you plan to write.

In 2007, as a children’s writer, with many a story to tell, I never really went down the road of sending manuscripts anywhere and everywhere, with a view to publication.

An aspiring author customarily spends some years crafting his manuscript for publication. The book launch, another step along that pathway, presents an opportunity for an original literary creation to showcase the author's own unique talent and style before the focus shifts to promotion and distribution.

The cover of a book is the first thing a reader sees. It is the initial introduction to your book. All too often the cover can make a difference to whether the reader picks it up or skims past it on the shelf. Your book cover is the single most important marketing tool for your book. Here I look at the front cover from the consumers point of view

Barry Smith talks about promoting his books in Broome


This is one question that I am constantly asked and it’s one that is only unanswerable if the market that you hope to sell into hasn’t been thoroughly researched. Of course, the answer is never an absolute but it is possible to produce a reasonable estimate.