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09-05-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
Debbie Higgs of Palmer Higgs Publishing Services talks to Toby Morrison, author and publisher of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – a Guide to Recovery about recent publicity for his book
11-04-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
Self-publishing a book can be a daunting undertaking, with pitfalls and torment awaiting the unprepared. Without professional advice the budding author can be left with an amateurish final product that makes the whole process seem like a waste of time.
10-04-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
As you can imagine, we at Palmer Higgs see a varied and often tormenting array of manuscript formats, and we thought that instead of whingeing about another author’s idiosyncratic layout, we’d offer a guide to how we’d like to see it formatted.
10-04-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
In my typical shoot first, aim later, impetuous style I announced my Kimberley Trilogy of Australian historical novels even before I had completed the second book. Now I am under pressure from friends and some readers to make good on this commitment.
10-04-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
Everyone knows that reviews are an important part of marketing. They are the word of mouth referral source. The aim of a review is to give your book credibility and relevance. It spreads the word and provides prospective readers the opportunity to seek the opinion of others.
27-02-2013 | Published in Business, Industry news, Marketing
Professional Development Courses from the Australian Society of Authors
26-02-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
Authors wishing to publish often contact us to learn more about how the publishing process works, information we are more than willing to provide. These enquiries often come to us via email which starts a trail of question and answer emails often leading, inevitably, to a phone conversation.
22-02-2013 | Published in Business
Now while I (along with most baby boomers I suspect) don’t like to admit I’m getting older, I certainly do not consider myself to be getting ancient.
05-02-2013 | Published in Palmer Higgs
Business book coach, Bev Ryan, gives her tips for finding a market before you start writing.
30-01-2013 | Published in Business
Ruth Miller has just completed her first book and here discusses the trials and tribulations that involved.