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Book promotion for self-published authors can be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating, so it makes sense to use a wonderful site like Goodreads that does a lot of the hard work for you.

Self-publishing a book can be a daunting undertaking, with pitfalls and torment awaiting the unprepared. Without professional advice the budding author can be left with an amateurish final product that makes the whole process seem like a waste of time. Here at Palmer Higgs, we love books, and we’ll do anything to make your book something you can be proud of.

Professional Development Courses from the Australian Society of Authors

Beginner Facebook and Twitter for Authors and Illustrators

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss over social media is about? If you’ve been considering setting up a Facebook or Twitter profile and want information about the benefits, this course is for you. You will come away with increased knowledge of social media tools and how Facebook and Twitter can help promote your work.

Our featured author, Alan Kiernan, answers a few questions about his journey so far.

Even a negative review has a positive side, as Jennifer Deaves explains.

A book review can be vital to help market your book and it might be worth paying a professional.

The EWF is looking for writers to join their Open Panel for this year’s Festival to be held from May 22nd – June 3rd in Melbourne

Maybe it is a case of “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. Although there are huge changes within the publishing industry right now the three basic drivers of publishing remain the same – technological change, distribution and marketing.

We don’t really need much of an excuse to visit Queensland so an invitation to present at the inaugural Indie Authors’ Festival on the Gold Coast was readily accepted.


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