Q & A with Cherise Tainton

Why did you decide to write your book?

I wanted to write a book so that people out there could find out about surrogacy in India first hand from someone that had been over there and been successful. I also wanted to inform people about the various stages and documentation that are needed to be able to bring your baby back to your hometown. It is basically a guide to what to expect and to help make the journey as simple as possible.


Who/what inspired you to write?

My husband suggested I write a book to help others as I was so meticulous with the paperwork. When we went through the process there wasn’t a lot of information and certainly not all in the one place. So we decided to incorporate our story to make it a little more interesting but provide people with all the information needed to start the process.


What was the most rewarding part of the writing process?

Reliving all the memories as I wrote each chapter, the good and the bad, it was like being on that emotional rollercoaster all over again. Then the end result of seeing it all put together for others to be able to enjoy and benefit from.


What are your top tips for writing a book?

  • Doing your research and just going over it and over it and over it.
  • Chase your dream, if it’s something you want to do, just go for it.
  • Lock yourself away from all distractions
  • Most of all enjoy writing it, because it is a long process which you need to stick to and put time aside each day or week to meet deadlines


Which books/authors have inspired you?

Although I have written a non-fiction book, most of my life I have read fiction romance novels. Including books by Danielle Steele, Jackie Collins, Paullina Simons and of course Stephanie Meyer (which female hasn’t?).


Why did you decide to self publish and why Palmer Higgs?

I decided to self publish as I knew that my book was for a niche market and I just wanted to get it out there as soon as possible without going through all of the processes of contacting various publishers which may not have been interested in this particular subject. I knew there was a market for it, I just had to work out the best way to reach that market. I believe internet searching would be the most common way for people to find my book.

I chose Palmer Higgs after contacting a few different self-publishing companies and just found them to be easy to communicate with, very reasonably priced, honest and they didn’t constantly harass me after I made the initial contact, I had time to go over my options and see what would best suit my needs.


What do you hope your readers get out of your book?

The answers they need to go ahead with chasing their dream for a family. I hope that my readers can relate to my story and that the book is a useful tool for them every step of the way.


Would you consider writing another book?

Yes, most definitely. Although I don’t know what category I would choose as this was a very special time in my life. I am not sure my life would go in another direction worth writing about, although I thoroughly enjoyed writing the book.


Do you have any other tips for new authors (i.e. book launch, research, marketing, etc.)?

Certainly make sure you research the market that your book is going to appeal to. Writing the book is a lot easier then tackling the market and actually selling the book. You really have to know how to reach the people that you know would be interested or benefit from what you write.