Q & A with Gavin McPherson

Why did you decide to write your book?

Over 15 years I have purchased over 2000 properties for clients. Still, up until now our business has been made of people of like-minded backgrounds – and largely my work has been through word of mouth.
After all this time, I thought it was time to take my business from being a ‘secret’ and get the word out there. Not necessarily for extra work or profile, but for the fact that a lot of people can’t necessarily afford my services (sometime tens of thousands of dollars at a time). Now, for $32.95 they can learn how to start to do it themselves.


Who/what inspired you to write?

I am actually not sure. After 18 months of the writing experience, I’d say now that I am a little tired and I wouldn’t start it again given what I just went through. I am sure this will change in time as I go through my next stage of business. That said, I think the inspiration was somewhere between a ‘bucket list’ ambition and a need to educate.


What was the most rewarding part of the writing process?

Probably the book launch. As vain as this sounds, it really was the first time I got to relax after the book was done. Don’t get me wrong, it only lasted one night! Since then I have been dragged off to interviews and meetings so it hasn’t left me with much time.

Noting that I kind of avoided the question there (as technically this was when the writing was finished), I have to be honest. I think the times I enjoyed the most was at the start (not knowing the work ahead) where I just got to sit down and write whatever came to mind. It wasn’t till 10 months later that I had time to condense it all and make sense of the (rough) draft that I had sketched.


What are your top tips for writing a book?

Allocate at least as much time for editing as writing the initial drafts.


Which books/authors have inspired you?

I love Stuart Wilde’s The Trick to Money is Having Some. In the same genre as mine, it is the pinnacle of education, motivation and entertainment. In the fiction genre, I love John Grisham, but I suppose…who doesn’t?


Why did you decide to self publish and why Palmer Higgs?

I really enjoyed the first conversation I had with Paul Higgs. I had spoken to five or six already and to be honest, I knew from the first conversation with Paul that I was going to go with Palmer Higgs.


What do you hope your readers get out of your book?

I want them to understand that everything is not what it seems in Australian property. The rules that are set are unfair to buyers – the information out in the public domain is incorrect and the mistakes being made are simply too many for a land of such high opportunity.


Would you consider writing another book?

I think so, but not now. It might also be a bit more philosophical and broad, rather than some of the specific detail in my first book Value Investing.


Do you have any other tips for new authors (i.e. book launch, research, marketing, etc.)?

A lot of people have commented (positively) on the cover of my book. It looks professional and sleek and has certainly helped sell copies. In one way it is disappointing to think that some won’t open the cover if it doesn’t look good – but all the same, it is good advice and I’m glad I followed it.