Q & A with Selene Temple

Why did you decide to write your book?

While trying to write a letter, for some reason everything I jotted down rhymed. I ended up with a dozen or more screwed up pages around my feet as I threw them on the floor in frustration.

Deciding to ride with the rhyming, I churned out poems and song lyrics one after the other before trying my hand at a few short stories, dialogue and scriptwriting. My stories must have sounded like real life events because I received quite a few emails asking if the contents were non-fiction. The feedback was really positive and generated quite a lot of interest, so I gathered all my writing and ideas together to write a novel.

An online fiction competition captured my attention, however the deadline was only a couple of weeks off, and the word count was around 50,000 so I put my mind to it and in no time I found I had actually exceeded the count. I surprised myself as it was my first attempt to write a story of this size.

After completing the competition story it became obvious to create a bridge and combine it with Romancing the Scorpio Moon, which I was still in the process of writing. Romancing the Scorpio Moon will be an ongoing story.


Who/what inspired you to write?

My inspiration comes from my vivid imagination when I’m bored, visions, dreams and having a multi-scenario chessboard mind capable of seeing every move in every direction all at the same time. The difficult part is trying to work out which direction to run and typing fast enough to get it all down before I lose it.


What was the most rewarding part of the writing process?

While writing, I see the entire scene in colour, what the characters are wearing and I know how they will interact and what they will say to each other. It is as though I am watching a movie I have already seen. The most rewarding process for me is the late night entertainment I create for myself and discovering I’m doing something I never really considered let alone thought possible. I feel fantastic when I write and miss it when I don’t. It’s an activity where I can use my other talents.


What are your top tips for writing a book?

Tips for writing books – buy a voice recorder, use a computer not connected to the internet, USB everything often. Keep three copies in different places. Keep pen and paper or recorder beside the bed to collect your dreams before you forget them.


Which books/authors have inspired you?

A Bryce Courtenay interview inspired me to keep writing. He is the only person I have ever heard say he gets the characters and storylines the same way I do.


Why did you decide to self publish and why Palmer Higgs?

I decided to self-publish because I like to do as much as I can by myself. I chose Palmer Higgs because they set up the EBooks and it is close to where I live. The staff made it a smooth ride for me; especially this being my first time with a company and not really knowing anything about putting a book online. They made me feel at ease and explained everything in detail so I understood the process.


What do you hope your readers get out of your book?

I hope the readers enjoy romance, adventure, skulduggery, spirituality, mischief, enchantment, Tantra, sex on all levels, the supernatural, humour and finding love. There’s a bit in it for everyone and I’ve only scratched the surface!


Would you consider writing another book?

I’ve completed a pocket book of affirmation/meditation cards tying into Romancing the Scorpio Moon. As soon as I have completed the pics to be inserted, the book will be released. I have ideas for other books I’d like to write in the near future.