Sarah Winch

Best Death Possible

Just before Christmas 2007, Lincoln Winch received the worse news possible. He was diagnosed with kidney cancer that had spread throughout his body. He died four months later at 48 years of age. By his side was his wife Sarah, an experienced nurse, ethicist and sociologist who had been managing, teaching and researching many aspects of end-of-life care for three decades. In that sense Lincoln was, as he acknowledged, fortunate. This is their story. It shares with everyday Australians, who get similar catastrophic news, how to use the Australian healthcare system to get the best death possible.

This book will tell you how to:

  • Understand and believe bad news including diagnosis and prognosis
  • Develop you own end-of-life plan
  • Get the support you need professionally and personally to make your plan happen
  • Identify the legal documents that you may need
  • Understand the dying process
  • Troubleshoot care issues

About Dr Sarah Winch

Dr Sarah Winch is a registered nurse and health care ethicist with thirty years experience in management, research and education in end-of-life matters. She teaches ethics and law to medical students at the University of Queensland, conducts research on futile treatment, and consults widely to the community and healthcare professionals on ethics at end of life.

Best Death Possible is now available as both printed & ebook
from Palmer Higgs Books

Click here to read a power point presentation from Dr Sarah Winch